TOPPINGS: Pepperoni, Sausage, Meatballs, Mushrooms, Ham, Peppers, Onions, Black Olives, Broccoli, Spinach, Jalapeno, Bacon, Anchovies, Pineapple

Half Topping $2~Full Topping $4~Sesame Seed or Everything Crust Add $2~Gluten Free~$18


San Marzano tomatoes, Grande mozzarella

White Pie~$19

mozzarella, ricotta, pecorino romano, garlic, olive oil

Meat Lovers~$20

pepperoni, meatballs, sausage, ham

fresh mozz, marinara, garlic, pecorino romano, fresh basil

Vodka Pie~$20

fresh mozz, vodka sauce, basil

add penne $2~add chicken $2

Hawaiian Pie~20

classic round topped with ham and pineapple

Spinach & Artichoke Pie~$19

Grandma Pie (square)~$21

pesto, marinara, garlic, fresh mozz, pecorino romano 

Classic Thick Sicilian~$19

Veggie Pie~$18

peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach

Philly Cheesesteak Pie~$21

thinly sliced steak, peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese

White Truffle Pie~$22

mixed mushrooms, truffle oil, truffle salt, herbs

Eggplant Parm Pie~$21

ricotta, fresh garlic, grated cheese

Chicken Caesar Salad Pie~$19

Best Pizza Ever~$22

Our locals named it!

grilled chic, sauteed spinach, in a rich creamy white sauce

General Tso's Pizza~$22

tender bites of chicken in a slightly spicy Tso's sauce topped w scallions and sesame seeds

Famous "Pepi-Roni" Pie~$23

A thick everything crust topped w/ our secret blend pizza sauce, fresh mozz and crisp and curl pepperoni

Action Pie~$22

prosciutto, ricotta, arugula, fresh mozz, truffle oil, honey, balsamic glaze, shaved provolone

Money Pie~$22

fresh mozz, arugula, caramelized onions,

fresh fig, goat cheese

Chicken Francese Pie~$21

classic preparation over fresh mozz on our signature square crust

Chicken Marsala~$21classic preparation over fresh mozz on our signature square crust

Chicken Ranchero~$21

chicken cutlet, bacon, tomato, onion, ricotta,ranch dressing

Buffalo Chicken~$21

buffalo sauce, fresh mozz, blue cheese dressing, scallions

Gigi's Upside Down Pie~$22

San Marzano tomato sauce, pecorino romano, olive oil

Staten Island Pie~$22

ultra thin large sicilian w fresh mozz, sweet marinara, fresh basil, grated cheese

Porky Pig Pizza~$20

classic round topped with Trenton porkroll, bacon, american cheese

Kelly's Salad Pie~$20

classic white pie topped w arugula, red onion, tossed in a lemon aioli 

Billy Pie~$18

classic round topped with provolone cheese and a sesame crust 



Gigi's Secret Seasoning Oven Roasted Wings (10)~$11

served w celery and carrots and sauce choice: medium, hot, BBQ, honey BBQ, garlic parm, general tso

Baked Clams(8) & shrimp oreganata(3)~$14

Meatballs (4)~$12

fresh ricotta, marinara

Sausage and long hots~$13

Zuppa di Clams or Mussels~$14

served w garlic bread in red or white sauce

Broccoli rabe~$11

gaelic & oil add sausage $5

Sauteed spinach~$10

garlic & oil, touch of roasted red peppers

Garlic Bread~$6

add cheese $2

Garlic Knots~$5

with marinara

Pepperoni Pinwheels(2)~$6

with marinara

Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels(2)~$6

with blue cheese

Eggplant Rollatini (3)~$14

grated cheese, ricotta, mozzarella


add topping $2

Family Size Calzone~$16

add topping $4

Prosciutto Balls(4)~$11

ricotta, mozzarella, marinara

Rice Balls(3)~$11

meat, cheese, marinara

Stuffed Rolls~$6

chic or eggplant parm-sausage, pepper, onion-buffalo chic-ham, salami, provolone-sausage and broc rabe. served w marinara



Dressings: Italian, Ranch, Blue cheese, Balsamic Vinegarette, Honey mustard, Caesar, O&V

Add chicken $5~Add shrimp $8

Gigi's Salad~$15

arugula, roasted peppers, fresh mozz, balsamic glaze

Chicken Milanese Salad~$18

chicken cutlet, bruschetta, burrata, fresh mozz, balsamic glaze

Antipasto for Two~$19

lettuce ropped w/ ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone, fresh mozz, roasted peppers, proscuitto, stuffed pepper, olives 

Chopped Salad~$10

lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, carrots

Caesar Salad~$10

traditional preperation

Cobb Salad~$12

lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, bacon, avocado, hard-boiled egg

Sonny Salad~$12

mixed greens, tomatoes, fresh mozz, red onion, balsamic glaze

Side Salad~$5

lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, carrots


Chicken Soup

Split Pea with ham

Escarole, bean, & sausage

Pasta Fagioli

Cream of Mushroom



 Philly Cheesesteak~$11

beef or chicken, classic or California style

Sausage & Broccoli Rabe~$12

add provolone $2

Parmigiano Hero~$11

choice of chicken, meatball,eggplant, or sausage~add shrimp $2

The Kenny Action~$11

prociutto, fresh mozz, roasted peppers, arugula,balsamic glaze

The Nicky Poblano~$11

grilled or breaded chicken, bacon,fresh mozz,avocado, poblano sauce

Domb the Bomb~$11

chic cutlet,prosciutto, fresh mozz,

sundried tomato pesto, balsamic glaze

The Hustler~$13

chic cutlet, eggplant, ricotta, fresh mozz, pesto, arugula,grated cheese, o&v

My Cousin Vinny~$11

grilled chicken, fresh mozz, arugula, pesto mayo

Gigi's Italian~$11

ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, o&v, oregano


sliced prime rib, fresh mozz, on garlic bread w/ au jus

The Big Guy~$11

chic cutlet, fresh mozz, proscuitto, pesto balsamic glaze

Beef on Weck~$10

roast beef, boars head horseradish sauce, american cheese, au jus

The S&P 500~$11

kenny's famous sausage and peppers

The Little Italy~$11

battered chicken w francese or marsala sauce,fresh mozz, mixed greens

The Chickster~$11

meatball, sausage, fresh mozz, vodka sauce, fresh basil

Johnny Roast Beef~$11

roast beef, sauteed spinach, sharp provolone


chic cutlet, broc rabe, roasted peppers, fresh mozz, balsamic glaze


served with chips

Turkey Club, BLT Club, Tuna Club


served with chips

Chic Caesar Wrap

grilled chicken, romaine, parmesan, casar dressing

Buffalo Chic Wrap

buffalo chicken, lettuce, tomato, blue cheese

Chicken BLT Wrap

chicken salad, bacon, lettuce, tomato

Grilled Veggie Wrap

eggplant, spinach,fresh mozz, balsamic glaze

Prime Rib Steak Wrap~$12

prime rib, fresh mozz, garlic butter, au jus



Add Sausage, Meatball, Chicken $5~Add Shrimp $8~Gluten Free Ziti add $3

Pork Osso Buco~$23

braised short shank, in a rich ragu over rigatoni, topped with ricotta

Rigatoni Bolognese~$19

rich, slow cooked meat sauce

Sunday Sauce~$23

fork tender ribs, sweet sausage, our famous meatball in grandma's slow cooked gravy. Topped w/ ricotta & served over pasta

Rigatoni Alla Vodka~$16

garlic, shallots, light pink sauce

Capellini w/ Meatballs~$15

Sausage & Brocolli Rabe~$18

served over pasta

Bakes Rigatoni/Stuffed Shells or Ravioli~$17

Gigi's Famous Lasagna~$18



Served w/ Coice of Pasta~Cappelini or Rigatoni~Gluten Free Ziti add $3

Chicken Saltimboca~$19

prosciutto, spinach, fresh mozz, lighr brown demi glaze

Chicken Marsala~$17

mushrooms, marsala sauce

Chicken Francese~$18

lemon, butter, white wine

Parmigiano Dinner~$17

choice of meatball, eggplant, sausage, chicken, shrimp(+$5)



Served w/ Choice of Pasta~Capellini or Rigatoni~Gluten Free Ziti add $3

Gigi's Capellini~$20

sauteed shrimp, garlic, fresh tomato, arugula, grated cheese

Shrimp Scampi or Francese~$20

over pasta

Shrimp Oreganata~$20

sauteed breadcrumbs, butter, white wine

Clams w/ Broccoli Rabe &Sausage~$20

white wine butter sauce, served over pasta

Lobster Ravioli~$20

in vodka sauce



Cannoli~$3 each
White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies~4 for $6



Half Trays~Serves 6-8 People


Chicken Marsala~$70

Chicken Francese~$70

Chicken Santino~$75

sauteed spinach, sun_dried tomatoes, bacon, fresh mozz, white wine butter sauce

Chicken Italiano~$75

Sauteed chicken w prosciutto, roasted peppers, garlic, fresh mozz

Chicken Parmigiano~$65

Grilled Chicken ~$65

Chicken Saltimbocca ~$75


Shrimp Scampi~$80

Salmon Oreganata~$75

Zuppa di Clams~$65

Zuppa di Mussels~$65

Shrimp Oreganata~$80


Penne Vodka~$55

Penne Vodka w/ Chicken~$70

Penne Vodka w/ Shrimp~$80

Rigatoni Bolognese~$65

Ravioli Parmigiano~$65

Manicotti Parmiagiano~$65

Stuffed Shells~$65

Baked Ziti~$65

Tortellini Carbonara~$65

Cavatelli w/ Broccoli~$65


Lobster Ravioli w/ Vodka Sauce~$70







Chicken Milanese~$65



Antipasto Platter~~$65~Large (10-12 people)~$100


Mini Cheesesteak~$2.50/each

Mini Grilled Cheese~$2/each



Potato Croquettes~$2/each


Prosciutto Balls~$65

Rice Balls~$55

Sauteed Spinach~$55

Sauteed Broccoli~$55

Mashed Potatoes~$45

Mixed Veggies~$65

Roasted Red Potatoes~$45

Macaroni & Cheese~$45

Brussel Sprouts w/ Bacon~$55

Signature Jumbo Subs



Filet of Sole Oreganata~$75


Sausage & Peppers~$65

Meatball Parmigiano~$65

Sausage Parmigiano~$65

Meatballs & Sausage Combo~$65

Sausage & Broccoli Rabe~$70

Eggplant Rolotinni~$70

Eggplant Meatballs~$75

Sliced Roast Beef~$70